execute judgment

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The Court correctly affirmed that the defendant's failed to meet the commercial activity exception, as was required by their reading of the statute, thus shielding the Iranian assets from being used to execute judgment in the United States.
By determining that under a plain language reading of the statute a plaintiff is unable to execute judgments against a state sponsor of terrorism under peculiar circumstances, the Rubin court shelters the execution of numerous assets of state sponsors of terrorism.
He made the decision after noting the bank's concerns about its ability to execute judgment over another property in Switzerland.
Dinah" begins with the meaning of the name--"'judgment, cause,' from the Hebrew dyn, to execute judgment, plead the cause"--and citation to the passages in Genesis where Dinah is mentioned (30:21; ch.
Here, petitioners have not identified the specific accounts or funds held by the Banks upon which they seek to execute judgment, much less have they shown that such specified assets fall within one of [section] 1610's exceptions to immunity.
Victims of state-sponsored terrorism may execute judgments against a broader range of foreign sovereign assets.
It is mandated to assess and collect internal revenue taxes, fees, and charges; enforce tax-related forfeitures, penalties, and fines; execute judgments in cases decided in its favor by the Court of Tax Appeals; and administer supervisory and police powers conferred on it by the National Internal Revenue Code and special laws.
law permits parties to execute judgments against terrorist assets frozen by the government.
law, it may become necessary to execute judgments or arbitration awards under the laws where a company is created or domiciled.
It enforces forfeitures and penalties and execute judgments in cases decided in its favor by the Court of Tax Appeals.
belonging to foreign states and their agencies and instrumentalities to execute judgments based on state-sponsored terrorism).
First, [section] 1610(c) simply does not apply to the attachment of assets to execute judgments under [section] 1610(g) for state sponsored terrorism.