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1) adj. to have been completed. (Example: "it is an executed contract") 2) v. to have completed or fully performed. (Example: "he executed all the promises made in the contract") 3) v. completed and formally signed a document, such as a deed, contract, or lease. 4) v. to have been put to death for a crime pursuant to a death sentence. (See: execute)

See: complete, fully executed

EXECUTED. Something done; something completed. This word is frequently used in connexion with others to designate a quality of such other words; as an executed contract; an executed estate; an executed trust, &c. It is opposed to executory.
     2. An executed contract is one which has been fulfilled; as, where the buyer has paid thrice of the thing purchased by him. See Agreement.
     3. An executed estate is when there is vested in the grantee a present and immediate right of present or future enjoyment; and in another sense, the term applies to the time of enjoyment; and in that sense, an estate is said to be executed, when it confers a present right of present enjoyment. When the right of enjoyment in possession is to arise at a future period, only, the estate is executed that is, it is merely vested in point of interest: when the right of immediate enjoyment is annexed to the estate, then only is the estate vested in possession. 1 Prest. on Est. 62.
     4. Trusts executed are, when by deed or will, lands are conveyed, or devised, in terms or in effect, to and for the use of one person or several persons, in trust for others, without any direction that the trustees shall make any farther conveyance; so that it does not appear that the author of the trusts had a view to a future instrument for accomplishing his intention. Prest. on Est. 188.

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A Sri Lankan executed by the firing squad in Abu Dhabi after being convicted of murder of an Emirati engineer in Al Ain in 2002.
Georgia executed nine, Texas executed seven, and the 48 other states combined executed four.
The source also noted that the ISIL also executed two of its own Saudi militants in Merkedeh city.
According to the report, the number of people executed in the reclusive country reached its peak in 2008 and 2009, when 160 and 161 people were killed, respectively.
Private James Grist Carr was a regular serving in the 2/Welsh 1 Division and was executed for desertion on February 7, 1916.
From January 2008 to September 2010, the average trade size decreased by 63% from [euro]23,900 to [euro]8,900, whereas the average executed order size only fell 55%, from [euro]33,890 to [euro]15,100.
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The vow and subsequent transfer of assets to the order constituted a valid disclaimer under section 2518(c)(3), which requires a written transfer and passing of the assets to the party that would have received them had a valid disclaimer been executed.