execution of sentence

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Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Calcutta also passed order that the accused person shall be repatriated to his home country Nigeria after execution of sentence and Superintendent of PCH shall make arrangements for the same through the concerned department.
Judge Frederick Tucker sentenced Healea to 12 months in the county jail for each of the assault charges and six months for the DWI charge, but the judge then entered a suspended execution of sentence and instead placed Healea on probation for two years.
However, an offender may not demand execution of sentence if he would serve less than nine months in prison.
"The application for stay of execution of sentence of death presented Justice Thomas and by him referred to the Court is denied.
"The court has no doubt the request for the proposed DNA testing was made to delay the execution of sentence," Richardson wrote in 2015.
The above will not apply: 1) if the convict is a recidivist, or has been convicted previously twice or more times of any crime, and 2) when upon being summoned for the execution of sentence he failed to surrender voluntarily.
" Prolonged delay in execution of sentence of death has a dehumanising effect on the accused.
"It was a humiliating confirmation of the continuing inability of our state to ensure basic rights of inmates awaiting trial and execution of sentence," Napolitano said in a statement.
The trial court sentenced both to the low end of recommended sentences of only two years in prison and, attempting to do justice, suspended execution of sentence for Steven and placed him on probation.
All three granted immunity from criminal proceedings or execution of sentence to people who participated in armed conflict and war against Croatia, except for those engaged in criminal activities, such as genocide and other war crimes.
They contended that the apex court had held 'the court is entitled and indeed obliged to consider the question of inordinate delay in the light of all circumstances of a case to decide whether the execution of sentence should be carried out or should be altered into life imprisonment.
The reply added that for purposes of determining the question as to whether suspension of execution of sentence and bail pending appeal against conviction should be granted to a convict, tentative assessment of evidence is not only permissible but it is quite inevitable.