execution of sentence

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The court has no doubt the request for the proposed DNA testing was made to delay the execution of sentence," Richardson wrote.
Prolonged delay in execution of sentence of death has a dehumanising effect on the accused.
It was a humiliating confirmation of the continuing inability of our state to ensure basic rights of inmates awaiting trial and execution of sentence," Napolitano said in a statement.
The trial court sentenced both to the low end of recommended sentences of only two years in prison and, attempting to do justice, suspended execution of sentence for Steven and placed him on probation.
They contended that the apex court had held 'the court is entitled and indeed obliged to consider the question of inordinate delay in the light of all circumstances of a case to decide whether the execution of sentence should be carried out or should be altered into life imprisonment.
The letter to Justice Kennedy was accompanied by Richard Fine's Petition for Stay of Execution of Sentence for "Coercive Confinement" for ten months and is representing himself .
All three granted immunity from criminal proceedings or execution of sentence to people who participated in armed conflict and war against Croatia, except for those engaged in criminal activities, such as genocide and other war crimes.
The application for stay of execution of sentence of death presented to Justice O'Connor and by her referred to the Court is denied.
For the implementation of the Criminal Code on 1968, a new Law (23/1969) regarding the execution of sentences was issued, stipulating for the re-education of prisoners: paid work, qualification, re-qualification, "cultural and educational activities, as well as stimulating and rewarding prisoners who work diligently and shows consistent signs of improvement".
5275 on the Execution of Sentences and Security Measures, the phone conversations of prisoners can be wiretapped by the administration.
The conferees tackled, in particular, prospects and means of speeding up execution of sentences.
Bulgariaas Justice Ministry plans to lay off around 700 officials of the Chief Directorate for the Execution of Sentences and judicial security staff and implement a restructuring of the Registry Agency, according to Deputy Justice Minister Petko Petkov.