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Humaidan affirmed the ministry's keenness and care for boosting and supporting the executive office work emanating from the belief in the importance of its coordinative role in serving the goals of human resources development (HR) in all aspects of labour and social affairs in in line with directives of Their Majesties and Their Highness the GCC leaders to achieve the mutual interest of the GCC-member countries and the welfare and aspirations of citizens.
8220;Empire Executive Offices has truly set itself apart in the local executive office suites industry with well-located well-appointed office space in a high-quality building with strong amenities,” says Wendelin.
The DIKO executive office meeting is set for 4:00 p.
AL-Lami had been elected to the membership of the Executive Office of IFJ in the elections held in Spain in June 2010.
The executive office members began arriving in Bahrain yesterday ahead of the meetings.
The meeting of the executive office will be held before the general assembly and will take many decisions about the programmes and activities of the next session.
Addressing a press conference held at the Sharjah Ladies Club, Noura Al Noman, Head of Shaikha Jawaher's Executive Office, said, "Through her Executive Office, we also turn our attention to fresh graduates and the need to mentor and guide them.
During a meeting today, the technical and consultative committee of the executive office drew up recommendations that will be reviewed by the executive office which comprises Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, the UAE, Libya, Qatar and Iraq.
To this end, ECA-IIP's Executive Office established an Intranet site (http://ex.
The college has now spent pounds 5,000 building a dedicated executive office for the 60 students on the Executive Office Skills course to make the arrangement more permanent.
Burroughs is currently serving as major program manager for special operating forces and undersea mobility, Program Executive Office for Submarines, Washington, D.
Gray, SC, USN, completed 20 years of active service and retired on May 1, 2005, after service at Program Executive Office, Air Assault and Special Mission Program, Patuxent River, Md.

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