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Some real estate executives fear their current information technology systems are not integrated very well with the general ledger, and are even more concerned about the accuracy and integrity of their data, according to the results of a new benchmark survey conducted by the Lease Advisory Services practice of Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP ("Deloitte FAS").
It's also important for executives to ensure a course's approach is up to date.
We're talking about pigeonholing physician executives.
Many executives have trouble dealing with complexity.
Up-and-coming executives at multinational companies learn the best strategies to enter foreign markets in a course taught by Professor Martin S.
Companies spend millions of dollars a year to make sure their executives have the right skills to meet every business challenge.
As part of an increased effort to examine executive compensation, the IRS recently announced a compliance audit initiative intending to highlight the compensation arrangements of senior corporate executives and directors.
By that point, executives are squirming in their seats, looking at their watches, and checking the location of the exit.
The book contains contributions from 20 experienced law enforcement executives edited by four other veterans of the profession.
As a result, enterprises are placing executives with significant IT responsibilities at higher levels of executive decision-making.

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