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(pl. executrices) n. Latin for female executor. However, the term executor is now unisex.

EXECUTRIX, A woman who has been appointed by. will to execute such will or testament. See Executor.

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Nowhere in the play does any character suggest that Fortune is an executrix of providence.
71) She was granted the all important "Letters of Administration" and made executrix of Alexander's estate on condition she return to court within a year to provide "a true and perfect inventory of all the said goods, chattels and credits of the deceased which already have, or hereafter shall, come into [her] hands.
As executrix of my parents' estate, I didn't know their final wishes.
Muhammad Ali Chaiwalla Solicitor Bombay and Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan of Delhi as my executrix and executors and also my trustees.
She improperly served as executrix and attorney and her fees of $175,000 were excessive.
38) In Fox, a testamentary executrix had encroached fully on the capital of her late husband's estate pursuant to discretion offered by the terms of his testamentary trust.
54) For example, in Fox v Fox Estate, the Ontario Court of Appeal removed an executrix who had exercised a power of encroachment in bad faith because she was motivated by disapproval of her son's (the beneficiary's) marriage outside the Jewish faith.
Elizabeth, the will's executrix, was then granted "the residue of all and singuler [of her husband's] goodes and ChattelIs what-soeuer.
When California housewife Oedipa Maas receives an unexpected request to become the executrix of her former lover's estate, she becomes involved in a worldwide conspiracy focused on two mail distribution services, Thurn und Taxis and the Tristero, an organization identified by the symbol of a muted post horn and by the garbage cans placed around the San Francisco Bay Area.
Edited by Irene Hermann, Executrix of the Estate of Paul Bowles, and Carole Blankenship, Assistant Professor of Music at Rhodes College (Memphis, TN), these three songs are traditional texts that Bowles set to original music.
The extent of an enduring attorney's authority was considered by White J in In the Will of Bob Wild Deceased, (54) The court was required to consider whether an enduring attorney who was appointed by the sole executrix of the Will had the authority to apply for a grant of probate on behalf of the executrix.