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Lejos de ser una imitacion de la exegesis pre-critica, patristica o medieval, su libro constituye una lectura figurativa del Antiguo Testamento edificada sobre, y no de lado de, la exegesis cientifica.
History and Spirit undertakes to study Origen's exegesis historically, to be sure, but in a non-historicist way.
47, the pontiff encouraged biblical specialists to overcome the chasm between exegesis and theology, in line with Vatican IPs constitution Dei Verbum, and also emphasized the centrality of Scripture studies in the formation of candidates for the priesthood.
Her position as their superior, bound with the obligation to instruct, provided the authorising environment to deliver her exegesis.
Professor Jan Joosten: Professor Joosten (55) has been Professor of Old Testament Exegesis at the University of Strasbourg since 2004, before which he was Professor of Biblical Philology (1994-2004).
To this end she enlists all of Radak's known biblical exegesis, and undertakes a systematic comparison between his commentaries and his exegetical sources.
Finally, they write a brief thesis paper, the exegesis, arguing a particular point about the passage.
Whereas historical exegesis asks what the human author intended to communicate through a particular text, theological exegesis insists that we must ask what God intends to communicate.
The final section reflects more broadly on the nature and scope of the visual exegesis of Revelation.
La narrativa y el problema del sufrimiento, Stump trata de mostrar que un conflicto similar tambien se vuelve a producir en Aquino cuando trata de armonizar la predestinacion divina defendida en su teodicea con las numerosas incompatibilidades o no conformidades que la exegesis escrituristica introduce al interpretar narraciones referidas al ejercicio espontaneo del libre arbitrio, aportando argumentos que provienen tanto de la revelacion estrictamente sobrenatural como de la meramente natural (Cfr.
In another era, it would have been enough to invoke the lack of historical-intellectual precedent to discredit the so-called scientific exegesis (al-tafsir al-'ilmi) which burst into view toward the end of the nineteenth century--the century of deluge, which witnessed the colonization of nearly the entire Muslim world.
Her second goal is to discover the role of biblical exegesis in the development of confessional identity.