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21) The Old Testament, the exegetes explain, needs such explication because--of course--it is obscure; commentators on the Sower often quote or embroider Jerome's statement that all of the Old Testament is enigmatic: "From [Matthew 13: 35] we understand that everything that is written is to be understood as if it were a parable" (PL 26: 93).
I will show that from the most famous exegetes such as, Abu Jarir al-Tabari (d.
33) An early and crucial role in this industry was played by the Scottish Evangelical Alexander Keith, a well-known prophetic exegete who joined the Free Church in the Disruption of 1843.
Chapter 3 traces the Franciscan precursors of Nicholas who shared his concerns, as well as the currents of theology that set the stage for his own commentaries: "Ongoing Jewish unbelief was a puzzle particularly for those exegetes who accepted that Hebrew Scripture was key to an understanding of God's Word and that the Jews held critical insights into Scripture's literal sense" (61).
Another well-known medieval exegete, Isma'il ibn Kathir (d.
27) As in the case with tsammah, fray Luis here tries to elucidate contextually the meaning of a Hebrew term on the philological authority of a medieval Jewish exegete.
It will also show that he was a towering intellectual figure of his time: both an exegete of pervasive influence and surprising originality, and a critic whose commentary on al-Mutanabbi's poetry is still a standard work.
Of all the great theologians that Christianity has produced, few rival the brilliant exegete and scholar Origen of Alexandria (c.
Like Auge's books, the conversation that follows may call to mind the practices of many different artists: Robert Smithson, incomparable exegete of the mutations of contemporary space, and inventor of the "nonsite"; or Lothar Baumgarten, who discovered the colonizing impulse, and its characteristic obliviousness to the other, even in the Paris subway system (in a 1986-87 exhibition at the Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, "Acces aux quais" (To the trains).
Here Saleh attempts to show how al-Tha'labi was the first exegete to use prophetic hadith in his tafsir, "and thus initiated what was there-after to be a continuous relationship between the two streams of Islamic medieval production" (p.
There are many Origens: philosopher, scholar, mystic, exegete, allegorist, saint .
Sometime between 840 and 851, he explains, Sedulius and a group of scholarly companions migrated from Ireland to the city of Liege on the Meuse, where he served as a poet, scholar, and scriptural exegete until about 860.