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Critique: An essential resource for anyone teaching and preaching these foundational books, Interpreting the Gospels and Acts: An Exegetical Handbook" is exceptionally well organized and presented, making it an ideal and unreservedly recommended addition (along with the previous volumes of this outstanding series) to personal, community, seminary, college, and university library New Testament Studies collections.
In Gender and Muslim Constructions of Exegetical Authority, Geissinger examines the limited but significant exegetical material attributed to female figures.
In this chapter and elsewhere, the author adopts Sara Kamin's view that Rashi made no distinction between peshat and derash, and asserts that Radak, in contrast, did view these as two separate exegetical approaches.
There are some exceptions where linguistic and exegetical material has been combined under a single heading, for instance in the entry "Azar", which focuses on classical discussion about his identity and whether or not it was the name of the father of Prophet Ibrahim, upon him peace.
In chapter 3, Pardes examines the contemporary exegetical context of Melville's narrator Ishmael, named after the well-known outcast from the Abrahamic covenant.
I will also argue that the exegetical failures are of little relevance to the contribution made by the work's third part, which is--on my reading--the best part of the book.
Exegetical practices, on the other hand--the "rules" of interpretation--are practical methods, consciously employed, used to extract meaning from the text.
Selderhuis rightly recognizes, as it has been the norm among scholars for some time now, the value of Calvin's exegetical works.
Grossman, Professor of Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, brings a thoroughgoing expertise in the legal, exegetical, ethical, social, and literary sources of medieval Jewish life to this systematic exposition of what can be surmised about that voiceless female half of medieval Jewry who left virtually no written documents of any kind.
Exegetical Commentary On Matthew by Spiros Zodhiates (Chairman Emeritus of Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel's Board of Trustees and President Emeritus of AMG International) is an articulate and comprehensive study of the Gospel of Matthew from its original form in Greek.
The Problem With Evangelical Theology: Testing The Exegetical Foundations Of Calvinism, Dispensationalism, And Wesleyanism by Ben Witherington (Professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary) is an informative study of the traditions, practices, and writings of the evangelist church.
Reading the letter as a narrative allows the implementation of exegetical tools routinely employed in narrative criticism that might otherwise be disregarded in the study of an epistle.