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Perhaps more importantly, the images and exempla are, in this letter, part of a broader theorization of how to read and write: exempla, images about exempla, and images, shifting from immanently to exegetically, even problematically, theoretical, all through written practice.
This reference to the rising star invokes and exegetically conflates two stars, those of Balaam and the Magi, and by corollary the figures of Balaam and the Magi themselves.
Exegetically minded scholars are particularly keen on doing so.
In the context of puzzles about persistence, I claim that it is philosophically and exegetically attractive to take some, but not all accidental unities and sames to be numerically distinct.
It behooves us ethically as well as exegetically to treat writing as an impacted climate or ecology under habitual stress, to attain some consensus regarding the measures decisive to its protection.
Fletcher (1970:7) points out that one does not need to read an allegory exegetically because it often has a literal level that makes good enough sense all by itself.
However exegetically inaccurate any of that may be, I will, armed with it, walk into the growing deep yellow heat of a Kansas summer and will be back in the workplace come September.
Nevertheless, the resulting picture of the Torah remains somewhat disembodied of its living (Jewish as well as Christian) tradition of reading and praxis, while being imbued with socio-cultural concerns that in some cases, however worthy and urgent, seem more difficult to justify exegetically.
Believing that biblical texts can contribute to ethics in general as well as to Christian ethics, Horrell, who is not further identified, sets out to engage in some detail with Paul's ethics in a way that is both exegetically serious and historically informed, and also shaped by debates in the contemporary field of ethics, specifically the debate between liberals and communitarians.
This type of self-appraisal may help us steer clear of the false objectivity achieved by talking exegetically of others and not of ourselves, and enable us to understand, through the screen of our individual subjectivities, how others may or may not negotiate place.
these categorical distinctions, though linguistically admissible, are exegetically problematic.
Barbi's capacity for interpretation did not equal his ability as a textual editor (193), and his exclusive interest in textual tradition, ignoring all ideological or historical contexts, made him exegetically deaf (224).