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The Ordo Stellae picks up, exegetically, where the Ordo Prophetarum leaves off, and thus the two dramas taken together form a continuous narrative thread that links through performance the prophecies of the Old Testament to the events of the New.
The accounting of the whole at the beginning is important exegetically.
The association and even identification of Israel's LORD with the "Lord Jesus," supported exegetically by the identification of Jesus as the subject of theophanic texts such as Genesis 18, 28, 32; Exodus 3, 19, 24; Isaiah 6; Ezekiel 1; Daniel 7; and Habakkuk 3 (LXX), was crucial for fashioning an increasingly distinct symbolic universe among early Christians.
13) Despite his argument being unpersuasive both exegetically and historically, it does raise an important question about what adherents of human uniqueness mean ethically by the term "unique.
There is exegetically productive ambiguity in the term centered on the problem of whether the "door" is to God Himself or to the hidden imam (60) Finally, surat Yusuf is an appropriate subject in Shi'ism because of a long tradition that reveres the story of Joseph as representing the spiritual mystery of taqiyya, or pious concealment, which is so important to Shi'i religiosity in general.
After treating these key texts exegetically and hermeneutically, he develops his conclusions about sexual immorality manifested by the attitudes, actions, and assumptions present in those texts.
While the tradition has been to take the texts literally or to demonstrate exegetically that they cannot be used in contemporary discussions about same-sex relationships, Marin takes a different but exciting path.
Exegetically it maps the figures of the Old Testament onto their fulfillment in the New Testament": see her monograph, The Typological Imaginary (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003), 4-5.
It troubles me that the Record continues to stoke the flames of this debate by giving prominence to books like Rogers', which are theologically and exegetically flawed.
Matthew Evans' aim in this paper is to show that the second option is at least as attractive as the first, both exegetically and philosophically.
Even supporters acknowledge that Zwingli's writing is scattered and exegetically thin, and that it fails to demonstrate the need for infant baptism.
Quite apart from that of attribution, there is the question of its interpretation (of how, exactly, we are to receive and to understand the poem), of its relationship to the exegetically by no means untroubled Roman de la Rose, of its place in the coming about of a specifically Italian literary consciousness in the final part of the Duecento, and, should the poem after all be Dante's, how it might fit into a spiritual and technical itinerary everywhere attuned to the problematics of love and its formal articulation.