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2) Marina Brownlee, for example, argues that the Disputacion, along with one of the following exempla concerning the vagaries of astrology (st.
En esta parte del discurso, Carion utiliza dos exempla miticos referentes a la saga de Odiseo: los encuentros con el Ciclope (vv.
Greene (1998, 85-6) suggests that these exempla reveal "the speaker's equivocation and inconsistency" because they counter through rationalization the poet-speaker's expressions of remorse, themselves exaggerated, at the beginning of the poem.
Mathilde van Dijk also illustrates the tensions between leaders and community in her examination of how the spiritual values of the Modern Devotion and expectations of leadership were portrayed as exempla in the Sisterbook of the Windesheim nuns at Diepenveen.
Roughly half of the contributors focus on the Zurich reformers' use of biblical exempla, the others on their use of non-biblical exempla.
Exempla St Joseph's new hospital, Exempla Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette and several other protects.
These exempla are structured according to the Ten Commandments: ten times a child asks his father to teach him a Commandment.
Contributions in memory of John may be made to Exempla Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge, CO or the Auburn Sportsmans Club in Auburn, MA.
Among their topics are patterns of disruption in the Prioress' Tale, Chaucer's ethical poetic in the Canterbury Tales, his metrical landscape, time and authority in Parliament of Fowls, his counterfeit exempla, and William Morris (1834-96) interrupted interrupting Chaucer.
He currently is a fellow in the American Leadership Institute and has served on the boards of the Exempla Lutheran Medical Foundation and the Eagle Ranch Association.
The article also points to a $630 million Denver project to rebuild the Exempla St.
En la segunda seccion se discute el sentido politico de los exempla maquiavelianos y la ejemplaridad del exemplum de Castracani.