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Taking into account the cities from Table 3 in different climate zones around the world, Figure 18 exemplarily shows the overall increase of electric driving range for selected cities.
Meanwhile this institutionalised way of cross-border co-operation, which here has been exemplarily presented by the example of the German-Dutch Euregios and their historical development, runs around the Federal Republic of Germany like a "paragovernmental tier of transnational co-operation".
We have exemplarily used this approach to estimate the origin of cell-free circulating DNA (cfDNA) in serum.
We exemplarily give the detailed plots for classification over absolute heading error and true speed, as well as classifications over true speed for the maximum offset standard deviation:
Considering light weight material and efficient design, yield exemplarily to an application of aluminum in a well-engineered BiW.
But the reserve and calm that the city has shown has been exemplarily. The consequence is that we now have armed police and soldiers on our streets which feel unsettling rather than re-assuring.
Additional Solicitor General Maninder Singh, senior advocate KK Venugopal and Rupinder Singh Suri agreed with the apex court that Justice Karnan has committed gross contempt of court and needed to be punished exemplarily.
Tel Rumeida is exemplarily for the Israeli apartheid system and collective punishment of Palestinians, which is illegal under international law as defined in Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
Such a sensibility follows from a broader aesthetic-ethical tendency in Reznikoff's writing, exemplarily signaled by another poem, written by George Oppen in memory of Reznikoff.
A simple transformation, as exemplarily shown on the specific heat capacity c below, is able to remedy.
The changeover point is defined for each gating system by conducting short shots, which are exemplarily shown in Figure 4.