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The combination, articulation and interpenetration of these thirty themes: the result of about twenty interviews and several workshops where results of the different lines of research were exposed from the Social, Exact and Natural Science, and the interaction with the "four legs of the IT table" contributed to prioritise three Agenda topics which were selected for their high social and environmental impact and their replicability and exemplariness. These represent three emerging issues of Public Agenda: a) Informal developments and slums, b) Territory, industry and environment and c) Urban vacant land.
In addition to oral and written accounts of the active participation and occasional exemplariness of Native American women in religion, extant portraits of these women attest to the symbolic importance they acquired for their families and within their larger communities.
Iser proceeds to explain why and how the novel, unlike "other literary forms [that induce] the reader to contemplate the exemplariness that [these genres embody]," forces readers to confront the "problems arising from his own surroundings, [while] at the same time holding out various potential solutions which the reader himself [has], at least partially, to formulate" (xi).
If, for instance, we recognize the literary text's ability to provide exemplary images of man, that exemplariness is best explored by singling out the fact that its validity endures, and by postulating that this durability is the essential difference between literary and nonliterary communication.
In "My Father's Heroes," Joseph recasts a childhood lesson in exemplariness into a mature recollection of her father:
The study by Marvel and colleagues (1) of interviewing by exemplary family physicians, although interpreted in the accompanying editorial (2) as finding that exemplary family physicians were more psychosocially involved with their patients, suffers from a confounding of exemplariness and physician and patient gender.
Their eternal exemplariness for literature, art, philosophy, ethics or science, differentiates works which possess it from those which, even if they have moved, awoken or pushed into action the contemporaries of their creators, have only done so during a limited period, before becoming dead stars thereafter.
In short, the Cid demonstrates at every turn his exemplariness as hero and vassal.
The book's argument focusses repeatedly on the quotidian exemplariness of Rinaldo, as contrasted with, say, Orlando's outlandish exploits, leading Sherberg to argue that Rinaldo is a more credible hero: "Throughout the tradition poets showed him struggling with the same conflicts that readers may note in their own experience: problems of authority and self-affirmation, of rivalry and betrayal, of eros and economics, of the challenges of a dangerous world" (195).
3 Insofar as some fictions mark less radical 'recenterings' than others, however, certain fictional identities are invested with considerably more exemplariness than other fictional selves.
Derrida remarks generally on Celan's poetry that the very dates attached to it or cited in it are both exact and suspended into a virtual exemplariness. The dates are in his terms both empirical and essential, contemplating and offering to the auditor a sort of shibboleth (Jacques Derrida, Schibboleth, Paris: Galilee, 1986).
Of the first two, functional counterparts of the Horatian "dulce et utile" dyad, she writes: "Traditionally, the novelist must attempt to come to terms with these two integral components of the form he has chosen to cultivate: the lowliness of the genre with its entertaining nature, and its exemplariness" (p.