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In the Heptameron this exemplarity is subtly concealed under the surface message, namely in the interplay between the dialogical situations of the novella and the dialogical setting of the frame-story: given the very fact that the devisants are not a 'colloquy of two' but a community of speakers, Marguerite shows that dialogue is ultimately capable of containing destruction by opening closed binary spaces of two (Oisille-Parlamente) into a larger collective realm made of a multiplicity of idiosyncratic selves and others, where selfhood is safeguarded in a collective society of speakers strongly connoted as a Christian community from the Prologue onwards.
The repetitive development is comical because it keeps emphasizing the negative marker, but it also conveys a high level of exemplarity and truth normally expressed in serious terms, since the reinscription of the given at every turning point, at every proairesis of the plot, becomes an image of inescapable fate.
While exemplarity of the Word is the basis of a Christian metaphysics, according to Bonaventure, the Word does not exist in isolation but is intimately linked to the nature of the Father as the self-diffusive good.
His first chapter considers the chronicle tradition as it manifests tension between the status of chronicle as written historical evidence and as providential narrative, whose shape gives evidence of moral exemplarity often at odds with what Sidney has termed "the truth of a foolish world.
In the three central chapters of the book Wright traces the evolution of historical representation away from the eighteenth-century tradition of moral exemplarity based on a central figure towards three new and distinct tendencies: first the cult of the precious relic, the concrete embodiment of the survival of the past as object.
Gender exemplarity is particularly problematic in marriage tracts, where the man is supposed to serve as model to the woman.
Forcione ("Madness and Mystery: The Exemplarity of Cervantes's Novelas ejemplares") se encarga de analizar la ejemplaridad de las novelas cervantinas, asunto siempre complejo debido a la novedad que supuso el genero en su epoca, su dificil catalogacion y la naturaleza hibrida que el caracter experimentador de Cervantes imprimio en ellas.
Indeed, the implicit and at times explicit competition between them as to which one of them embodied the ultimate model of princely exemplarity, led them to considerable investment in self-promotion, either through pageantry, spectacle, or art.
Seventeenth-century theorists fleshed out Aristotle's "universal" as a transcendent expression of Platonic Forms whose exemplarity served a specifically social function.
As to the exemplarity of royal deaths, Germa-Romann would have found useful Jean du Tillet's Recueil des Roys de France, leurs couronne et maison (published in many editions between 1578 and 1618), which does not appear in any of her twelve (rather cumbersome) topical bibliographies.
Conde insists upon her abhorrence of exemplarity in the novel, and of works in general with exemplary situations and perfect characters.
In more than a few passages, the moral exemplars Zagzebski describes are indeed emotionally stirring and morally elevating--proof positive of the power of exemplarity.