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Doesn't she need to observe exemplary classrooms to learn the best possible teaching practices?
When I began explaining to teachers and principals the need to provide exemplary academic courses to middle schools with significant percentages of educationally disadvantaged students, the response always was: "What is outstanding academic coursework?
A leader who will be a leader indeed must be exemplary.
In soliciting mainland Chinese firms to station in the exemplary firm, the regulator will place priority on those firms which can supplement the local industry, such as home-appliances brands which can help Taiwanese FPD (flat panel display) firms consolidate their export and auto brands which can help local auto and auto parts firms tap the mainland Chinese market.
Exemplary teachers were more likely to be found in schools where there was a full-time computer coordinator, where computer-related staff development was available, where teachers could borrow the computers to take them home, and where class sizes were small (about 20 students).
In other words, the exemplary zone will break the existing restrictions on cross-Strait economic relationship, further liberalizing cross-Strait exchanges in fund, personnel, technology, and merchandises.
Parris Island took the prize for its exemplary commitment to cultural resources by balancing mission needs with the protection of natural resources.