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Even though the protagonists of this exemplum are translators, and translation is necessarily and intimately related to sign theory, the Disputacion has yet be read as an exemplum about the nature of linguistic transformation and transfer.
Este exemplum no solo tiene la funcion de embellecer el discurso (ornatus), sino que su fin principal es persuadir al coro de trabajadores, pues, siguiendo a Aristoteles (Retorica I 2, 4), el ejemplo o paradigma es una prueba demostrativa de la pistis ([TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]), persuasion.
Para que un exemplum mitico cumpla su funcion resultan necesarias dos condiciones: lejania y familiaridad del mito.
This exemplum functions differently from the two previous series: the poet-speaker is using a contrast with Diomedes to cast more blame on himself.
Y en eso como en tantas otras cosas, Machiavelli es un exemplum a seguir.
manifiesto de manera muy especial en el exemplum (ejemplo) considerado
The idea of no place standing as a theoretical exemplum of a perfect society really bloomed with Thomas More's Utopia of the early 16th century.
The preacher transforms the exemplum in technical ways to make it seem less distant and more immediate and thus more like gossip, and as a result, he borders on gossiping himself in the pulpit.
After the discussion of the intertextual and stylistic presence of these authors' works in L'Arcadia in Brenta, Marini aptly notes how devoting too much energies to look for the numerous sources, and analyzing the often tormented polygenetic processes of each single novella, exemplum, bischizzo, proverb, one-liner, double-entendre, canzone, repartee that make up the book is not always sufficiently relevant.
Together, this edition's paratexts draw attention to Bouchet's unusual compositional techniques: rather than draw on his own previous works for examples, which would provide thematic continuity, Bouchet turned to new sources, such as Foresti, a process that often created contradictory versions of one exemplum.