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In Epode 17 the image of the wild dogs that devour Hector's corpse functions as an exemplum.
Each scene would culminate not with More's exemplum but with Richard's "caustic climactic line that terminates the victim's illusions" and his very life.
Phillips begins her introductory chapter to the book with a brief analysis of the Manciple's Tale, the exemplum against tale telling, which we may take as an indication of Chaucer's importance to Phillips's overall conception.
The English reader, thus, was not paraphrasing Ovid's verse or Peter of Limoges's text in a literal sense, but rather was inspired by what he found there, and as a response to his reading in Latin included in the lower margin near this exemplum an English poem which transforms the satirical implications of a narrative critical of courtly pretensions into a timeless, moralized poem on the fleeting nature of material wealth.
The most overtly political image in Julian's text is the exemplum of lord and servant.
Interestingly, "Reality in America" remains one of the great intellectual hatchet jobs of all time, an exemplum of how critics dispatch their predecessors.
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Classicists mostly from the US but also Europe and Australia discuss such aspects as the discovery and textual constitution of the Cologne Sappho, Tithonus in the New Sappho and the narrated mythical exemplum in archaic Greek poetry, aging in the New (and old) Sappho, the meter and metrical style, the New Sappho in a Hellenistic poetry book, philosophical reflections on death and aging, and the New Sappho reconsidered in light of the Athenian reception of Sappho.
The first part of Boccaccio's Heroines shows how the De mulieribus claris served as a humanist exemplum and details the circulation it enjoyed among the major dynastic courts of Renaissance Italy.
But as Luther points out in his introduction, this text was never intended to be a repository of historical fact, but instead a bold celebration of dynastic glory designed as a compelling exemplum to the rather more pusillanimous contemporary late twelfth-century Seljuk rulers of Iraq and western Iran.
Looking fondly across the gulf of gender at the exemplum of feminity that is Joni, Kelly somehow creates a space in which her music's meanings are up for grabs again, because so many of the categorical judgments that would erase them, and much else besides, are miraculously suspended.
However, Clotel's short-lived, courageous, independent attempt to save Mary eventually fails, and her ensuing public suicide elevates her individual defeat into an exemplum of the evils of slavery.