exemption from law

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"No one will be given free hand and exemption from law," he underscored.
Local tribes have been given exemption from law only under interment rights.
McCulloch, ED511, sought an exemption from laws requiring secrecy in grand jury proceedings, arguing that she should be allowed to talk about the case given its unique circumstances and based on free speech laws.
Second: Exemption from laws, regulations, instructions, orders and decisions, while the Committee shall perform the following tasks: 1) To identify offenses, crimes, persons and entities involved in cases of public corruption.
According to the bank's website, by virtue of the treaty, the bank enjoys certain privileges in the territories of the member states (shareholders) including exemption from laws regulating banks, credit, exchange control, statutory auditing requirements, public institutions, public companies and joint stock companies.
Furthermore, AU continued, when religious groups work closely with the government in a "symbiotic relationship," they cannot claim exemption from laws and constitutional safeguards that protect Americans from coerced religion.
Of course, American polls have consistently shown that Americans support giving religious claimants a free exercise exemption from laws regardless of whether they are neutral or generally applicable.
The bill would require the Transportation Department to study the over-scheduling of flights at large hubs and grant airlines partial exemption from laws that prohibit consultation about scheduling - which could allow airlines to reschedule flights from the most congested hours to off-peak times.
Although prior decisions in 1988 and 1990 restricted the religious freedom of Native Americans (in 1990, by disallowing an exemption from laws criminalizing the use of peyote), both those cases addressed whether one could use the First Amendment to compel the state to accommodate religious needs.