exemption from punishment

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In our earlier study, we defined impunity as "exemption from punishment, penalty, or immunity from obligation or duty." It is manifested in a mindset or behavior such as arrogance, entitlement, lack of accountability or bestowing on oneself and members of one's social circles, exemption from punishment, and other legal sanctions for perpetrating illegal acts.
Impunity means "exemption from punishment or loss or escape from fines." It refers to the failure to bring perpetrators of human rights violations, rule of law flouters and the corrupt to justice and constitutes a denial of the victims' right to justice and redress.
The meeting discussed the drafts of federal laws prepared by the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman in the Russian Federation on the transfer of the convict for further serving of punishment from one correctional institution to another and improving the institution of exemption from punishment in connection with the disease.
GRECO previously recommended ato analyse and accordingly revise the automatic a and mandatorily total a exemption from punishment granted to perpetrators of active bribery in the public sector in cases of effective regret as per Article 306 of the Criminal Code)."
However, the Draft Law offers further exemption from punishment to those who notify the authorities of a conspiracy to commit a money laundering or terrorist financing offence, with the condition that the report must be made before the actual crime is committed.
Some of the five shipping companies are believed to have used the leniency system that allows exemption from punishment in exchange for voluntarily reporting their own wrongdoing.
Manama, July 12th (BNA) --In the framework of the policy aiming at the pillar of the security culture, particularly anti-narcotics, and in completion of the articles published earlier, today we will address the issue of the possibility of exemption from punishment for drug offenses according to cases stipulated by the Bahraini legislature.
The legislator opened the door for those who return and not continue in committing such crimes, through what has been stipulated of exemption from punishment for those who take the initiative to inform public authorities about some drug crimes prior to the knowledge of the authorities.
The new law will grant exemption from punishment for those who receive a sext and either report or destroy it within 48 hours.
Thus the early commentators likely have the right idea in not explaining the limitation of ritual and exemption from punishment on the basis of this context.
He takes a different approach to the exemption from punishment, refuting it on the basis of other canonical sources.
The factually guilty defendant, however, insofar as he seeks to enforce the public interest by obtaining exemption from punishment, is a most improbable and inadequate representative of the public interest.