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In this study, we evaluated pathologic specimens of patients who underwent radical cystectomy with anterior exenteration due to invasive bladder cancer and report the genital organ involvement rate with bladder cancer.
Anorectal melanoma: The role of posterior pelvic exenteration.
Davis et al described a patient with disease metastatic to regional lymph nodes who was without evidence of disease 10 months after neoadjuvant platinum-5-FU and radiotherapy, anterior pelvic exenteration, and adjuvant paclitaxel and carboplatin (10).
Conjunctival melanoma: risk factors for recurrence, exenteration, metastasis, and death in 150 consecutive patients [comment].
If orbital extension has occurred, exenteration is usually required, as well as removal of any involved bone or sinuses, because of the infiltrative nature of the tumor.
Maxillary and ethmoidal exenteration failed to halt the infection and success was achieved after 40 HBO treatments at 2.
The types of "A" procedures that residents seem to be most uncomfortable with fall into 2 broad categories: (1) simple procedures that are likely to be low volume in residency, such as cavernosal shunting for priapism or (2) complex procedures that are likely to require far more than the exposure provided in residency to master, such as anterior exenteration.
enucleation of the globe or exenteration of the orbit in neglected cases with tumour invading the eye or orbit
He proceeded to have radical pelvic exenteration surgery that resulted in long-term cure.
Because of the tumor's proximity to the orbit, the patient opted for chemotherapy prior to surgical intervention in an attempt to avoid orbital exenteration.