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To put into action, practice, or force; to make use of something, such as a right or option.

To exercise dominion over land is to openly indicate absolute possession and control.

To exercise discretion is to choose between doing and not doing something, the decision being based on sound judgment.


(Discharge a function), verb act, administer, carry into execution, carry on, carry out, conduct, do duty, efficere, engage in, execute, exercere, facere, officiate, perform, practice, pursue, put in motion, put into action, put into effect, put into practice, serve as, translate into action, wage
Associated concepts: authority exercised under the United States Constitution, exercise an option, exercise jurisdiccion, exercise of judicial discretion
Foreign phrases: Cui jurisdictio data est, ea quoque connessa esse videntur, sine quibus jurisdictio explicari non potest.To whomsoever jurisdiction is given, those things also are supposed to be granted, without which the jurissiction cannot be exercised. Frustra est potentia quae nunquam venit in actum. A power is a vain one if it is never exercised.


(Use), verb apply, avail oneself of, bring into play, bring to bear, draw on, employ, make use of, operate, practice, put in action, put in practice, put to use, put to work, turn to account, utilize, wield
Associated concepts: exercise a right to vote, exercise an option, exercise discretion, exercise dominion, exercise due care, exercise of power
See also: act, apply, campaign, commission, discipline, effort, employ, endeavor, enterprise, exert, exploit, labor, officiate, operate, ply, practice, problem, resort, transaction, undertaking, wield, work
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The Series B warrants will be exercisable at an exercise price of US$6.08 per share at any time during the offering period only if the company's shelf registration statement on Form S-3 is not effective or is not otherwise available for the issuance of the shares issuable during the option period or any prospectus contained therein is not available for use.
According to Legrand, the number of exercisable voting rights is obtained after deduction of shares without voting rights.
10, 2013, granting of stock options (featuring options and/or restricted stock units) not exceeding 5.46 million shares exercisable in to the same number of shares of Rs 1 each at such price as may be fixed and ascertained by the board of directors and/or ESOS compensation committee.
1,400,000 warrants originally exercisable at $0.20 until February 8, 2014 are now exercisable at a price of CDN$0.10 until 5:00 p.m.
Under the Offering, a total of 38,920,000 units (each a "Unit") were issued, with each Unit consisting of one common share and one-half of one common share purchase warrant (each a "Warrant") exercisable at $0.23125 for a period of three years from the date of issuance.
Initially, these rights will not be exercisable and will trade with the shares of the company's common stock.
As a result of the closing of the Financing and completion of the Warrant Exercise, the Offeror owns 42,759,593 Common Shares and Warrants exercisable for 29,009,593 Common Shares, representing 34.79% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares or 47.24% upon exercise of the Warrants (assuming the exercise of all of the Warrants beneficially owned by the Offeror, and that no other securities, including those convertible into, or exercisable for, the issuer's securities, are issued, converted or exercised).
Each unit consists of one common share and one-half of one warrant, which is exercisable at C$0.165 for 36 months following the closing date of the financing.
The transaction brings his total indirect holding to 8.2 million fully paid shares and 6 million options, half exercisable at 2.6 cents November 2019 and the rest at 2.4 cents exercisable at 2020.
The company stated that the 1,613,075 warrants issued pursuant to closing of the first tranche of a private placement for gross proceeds of USD1.34m, exercisable to purchase 1,613,075 common shares at USD0.87 per common share and due to expire on 17 March 2019, will now expire on 16 March 2020.
Pursuant to the Companys stock option plan and the restricted share unit (RSU) plan it has granted stock options exercisable into 1,596,060 common shares in the Company (shares) and RSUs exercisable into 2,767,800 shares.
Subject to each such employee's continued employment with the company, each option will vest and become exercisable as to 25% of the shares on the first anniversary of the recipient's start date and will vest and become exercisable as to the remaining 75% of the shares in 36 equal monthly instalments upon first anniversary, in each case.