exercise authority

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The harm is done by the serious, thoughtful, earnest journalists, who solemnly, as they are doing at present, will drag before the eyes of the public some incident in the private life of a great statesman, of a man who is a leader of political thought as he is a creator of political force, and invite the public to discuss the incident, to exercise authority in the matter, to give their views, and not merely to give their views, but to carry them into action, to dictate to the man upon all other points, to dictate to his party, to dictate to his country; in fact, to make themselves ridiculous, offensive, and harmful.
The thing that stops them, it must be said again, is their desire to exercise authority over the artist and over works of art.
If a man approaches a work of art with any desire to exercise authority over it and the artist, he approaches it in such a spirit that he cannot receive any artistic impression from it at all.
The moment he seeks to exercise authority he becomes the avowed enemy of Art and of himself.
Steventon had no wife present to exercise authority over him.
I now bitterly repented my folly in quitting a comfortable home to peril my life in such adventures as this; but regret being useless, I made the best of my condition, and exerted myself to secure the goodwill of the man-animal that owned the trumpet, and who appeared to exercise authority over his fellows.
The President will exercise authority over the Armed Forces of the Philippines via the SND, then AFP Chief of Staff.
It also stated that the President would exercise authority over the AFP via the DND secretary, then AFP chief of staff.
on an on-going project without cogent reason and misuse of authority or wilfully fails to exercise authority and causing loss to national exchequer.
But Haniyeh refused to acknowledge his sacking and continued to exercise authority in the Gaza Strip.
Franklin Drilon said the President could not exercise authority over the Ombudsman.
Neither should executives be granted the mandate to exercise authority as their personal fiefdom.