exercise discretion

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"I'm quite frankly surprised the DuPage County state's attorney did not exercise discretion," Baker said.
She added: "If [this administration] is not going to exercise discretion on a person like this, who would they exercise discretion for?" Pastor's wife
While the jail manual should be followed, jail superintendents must be allowed to exercise discretion so they can run their jail efficiently, but not vengefully.
'Caution its operatives to treat media practitioners and all other Ghanaians with dignity and within the confines of civility, and where they ought to exercise discretion, exercise it in a fair, reasonable and just manner,' the statement read.
'We agreed that the court has the power to exercise discretion but in the instant case, the discretion has to be exercised judicially and judiciously and since the petitioner in this matter did not advance cogent and verifiable reasons for exercising discretion in his favour, we hereby refuse to do so.'
He said, they also found that the High Court judge had given his compelling reasons to why he did not exercise discretion in favour of the appellant's application.
As long as there is wise leadership in both countries, and all sides are able to exercise discretion, peace in the strait can be maintained, stressed Thornton.
For courts in other affected areas, the executive judge may exercise discretion.
The Office recalls its policy and its duty to exercise discretion when choosing or declining to comment on court decisions and on pending cases.
Brent Powell went further and argued that because the Human Rights Commission "necessarily must exercise discretion to decide what a complaint actually alleges." A writ of mandamus, Powell noted, can be used only to require an official to carry out a mandatory duty.
Justice Waki said courts had a duty to exercise discretion judiciously when it came to distributing estates in dispute.
Instead of some semi-literate obscurantist dilating on the definition of what is righteous let it be a choice of individuals to exercise discretion.