exercise discretion

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A council spokesman said: "Our officers will of course exercise discretion in extreme weather conditions.
It then reminds prosecutors how to exercise discretion in using their finite resources, to weigh all relevant considerations, including federal law enforcement priorities set by the Attorney General, the seriousness of the crime, the deterrent effect of criminal prosecution, and the cumulative impact of particular crimes on the community.
Mandatory statutes prescribe the consequences; directory statutes empower the court to exercise discretion in tailoring a remedy, if one is called for.
We would, however, wish to appeal to media house exercise discretion in the use of denigrating language in their reporting.
He clarified that the collection of service charge is still not mandatory for hotel and restaurant operators "to avoid interference with the right of management to exercise discretion in the operation of their business.
The senator said that under SB 1299 the collection of service charge would not become mandatory 'to avoid interference with the right of management to exercise discretion in the operation of their business.
They should however, exercise discretion and ask instructions for such cases," Clerides told Sigmalive.
3) With all these benefits flowing from the power to exercise discretion, one might reasonably assume that agencies soak discretion up like sponges and that it takes a hard squeeze for them to give back even a drop.
Following last night's meeting, the IFA said its disciplinary chiefs "were not persuaded to exercise discretion in this case".
Philip Astbury, prosecuting, said the Crown was prepared to exercise discretion given "exceptional circumstances".
This Article looks to immigration law--in which lower-level federal officers exercise discretion delegated down throughout federal agencies--to identify how bottom-up agency influences can inform categorical, across-the-board executive branch policy.
They recognised your belief in openness and in good communication with members but you need to exercise discretion in how you communicate on both e-mail and social media.