exercise judgment

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And he gave him power to exercise judgment, because he is the Son of Man.
EPA recognizes emissions increases may be caused by multiple factors and cautions sources to exercise judgment to exclude increases for which the project is not the predominant cause citing 45 Fed.
Miliband wrote: "MPs are there to exercise judgment.
no-conflict and noprofit duties protect the duty to exercise judgment based on relevant considerations.
According to a statement by the party today: "The foreign relations official in the party Hayman Hawrami said during a meeting with US Consul General in Kurdistan province Matisse Meetmn, and told him that the MDC, after failing to exercise judgment, turned to chaos and incite the masses against the Kurdistan Democratic Party.
This means it is of upmost importance to attract candidates who can demonstrate critical thinking skills, the ability to process large volumes of often complex material, exercise judgment, and demonstrate a strong capacity for empathy.
She said technology needs examiners who can exercise judgment on what the data is showing and "what it means.
If finalized, the guidelines are expected to help companies exercise judgment when determining how to comply with a disclosure requirement in an accounting standard, which has made it difficult for FASB to describe exactly how companies should use that discretion.
8) The explanation of the recommendation goes on to state, "Practitioners should be cautious in deciding whether to follow a recommendation classified as 'limited,' and should exercise judgment and be alert to emerging publications that report evidence.
If you're always crying wolf you'll be considered a flake, so you need to exercise judgment carefully and judiciously," he said.
It also will help implementers distinguish between areas where there are clear mandates and areas where colleges are left to exercise judgment in implementing effective responses.
Readers should conduct their own review and exercise judgment prior to investing.