exercise judicial authority

See: adjudicate
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In sum, independent courts exercise judicial authority using different rules of the road; the multiplicity of decision makers is further augmented by a multiplicity of operating procedures.
Miss Rose suggested it was obvious that a public prosecutor whose function it was to investigate and prosecute an individual "cannot exercise judicial authority in relation to that individual".
In the state sponsor of terrorism exception, Congress did not empower the Executive to create a statute-like definition or delineation of an area of jurisdiction within which the Article III courts might exercise judicial authority over otherwise immune foreign sovereign states.
The shortest section, on judicial authority, contains three sermons, one on the woman taken in adultery, where Christ is portrayed as the ideal judge balancing justice with mercy, a second in which Augustine admonishes his congregation about their behavior after an unjust imperial official was killed by mob violence in Hippo, and a third sermon on Psalm 2 about how a Christian ought to pronounce judgment and exercise judicial authority.
exercise judicial authority in the court of Chancery: But it is one thing