exercise self-control

See: refrain
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They will also 'exercise maximum tolerance' toward erring motorists although he also urged violators to exercise self-control and not hit MMDA personnel.
The prosecution rejected this, stating Jutting was able to form judgements and exercise self-control before and after the killings, filming his torture of Ningsih on his mobile phone as well as hours of footage in which he discussed the murders, bingeing on cocaine and his graphic sexual fantasies.
According to the Russian Foreign Minister, "all involved sides should exercise self-control.
The Ministry has expressed hope that the authorities in the People's Democratic Republic of Korea would exercise self-control and wisdom, and commit to all international resolutions and charters.
But the law requires people to exercise self-control and you must never go out with any weapons.
This is to say in other words that by nature, they exercise self-control and that is when humanity is at its best, once they exercise self-control.
To take an example, in the book Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday, the title character makes mistakes with his money and learns that it is important to exercise self-control and save money to buy things he really wants.
In middle school he was described as disruptive, with an inability to exercise self-control, the Herald said.
It also urged to hold on to national unity, renounce all forms of violence, exercise self-control and foster values of peaceful co-existence among all social components of the Bahraini community.
Two purposes of fasting are to exercise self-control and to clear the mind to devote more mental energy to prayer.
Gibbon, who is originally from Birmingham, denied murder but admitted the killing on the basis that he was "suffering from an abnormality of mental functioning" which impaired his ability to form rational judgment and exercise self-control.
No need for her to exercise self-control on how many courses to have for breakfast or whether to resist the lure of that last glass of vintage port.
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