exercise supervision

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CPPCC members exercise supervision by putting forward proposals and providing constructive criticism.
After 18th Amendment of Article 154 reads, 'The council shall formulate and regulate policies in relation to matters in Part II of the Federal Legislative List and shall exercise supervision and control over related institutions.
The bill tasks the National Historical Commission of the Philippines to exercise supervision of the proposed national landmark and shrine.
The bill designated the transportation secretary as the traffic chief, who would exercise supervision of all local government units (LGUs) in the three major cities.
According to Aquino's declaration, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) shall exercise supervision over the preservation of the site and shall issue the necessary rules and regulations to fulfil its functions.
Therefore, directions be issued to convene a meeting of CCI to formulate, decide, build consensus and exercise supervision and control of the Kalabagh dam project, he pleaded.
The circular said army auditing, which is an important tool to exercise supervision over the army, is also crucial to ensure the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of China(CPC) over the army and to fend off corruption.
The petitioners requested SC to give a declaratory Judgment under article 184(1), 184(3), 153, 154, 157 of the constitution with respect to KBD project being public importance and direct CCI to take up the matter to formulate, decide, regulate, build consensus and exercise supervision and control of Kalabagh Dam project construction in national interest.
Thoelke will be working in the hospital's Health Management Center providing exercise supervision and consultations for anyone with a chronic condition including cardiac and diabetes patients, as well as employees in the hospital's health promotion program.
Overall, parents who clearly communicate their values and expectations to their children, express their concern and love for them early and often, and exercise supervision raise children who are more likely to avoid a host of risky behaviors than parents who do not.
Preventive measures through seminars and exercise supervision are part of CCF'S program.