exert authority

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He loves to exert authority in the home but shirks his responsibilities.
It goes on to discuss how their search for energy resources, quest to uphold their own identity as developing powers, and engagement in balance-of-power politics to exert authority on each other's presence, are some elements that guide their non-cooperative relationship.
30pm, and exert authority whilst remaining professional at all times.
Mustofa Bisri and Emha Ainun Nadjib are in promoting religious pluralism in Indonesia, and in what ways do the two figures and their ideas on religious pluralism exert authority on contemporary Indonesian Islam.
The youngest daughter employed Italian to exert authority of her own or to mediate when extended family was present, in particular her sister-in-law.
The generally poor relationship between African-Americans and the local police force in large urban settingsAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA is perpetuated byAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA a beli black youth that police officers attempting to maintain order and exert authority will get away with humiliation, assault and lethal uses of force against them, Garbarino said.
Bruno Manga and Sean Morrison failed to exert authority at the back and Millwall caused problems from corners and free-kicks.
In answering the questions related to party politics, questionable is Isaacs' study of Kazakh social stratification via the consideration of Zhuz--the clan affiliations that divide Kazakh society into "tribal" genealogical groups that are said to classify social and political processes, underlie the legitimacy of individuals' claims to political posts, and define, at least in part, the extent to which a political official is able to exert authority.
Mading Duor did not exert authority because he fears his actions would be misinterpreted by the local population and their politicians since he comes from Warrap state where President Salva Kiir comes," noted the observer.
He also advocated stronger, hierarchical bureaucracies as the mechanisms for states to exert authority and power.
The weak government has been unable to dis-arm former rebels who fought against deposed leaderMuammar Gaddafiin 2011, and parliament has deep internal divisions that further reduceTripoli's ability to exert authority.