exert energy

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Their people don't have to exert energy trying to figure out their motives or predicting what they're going to do next.
Don't resent people for their character - If someone's character flaw has caused one of your problems, do not exert energy trying to change that person's character.
The mechanism of action causes blood to flow back towards the heart at a volume shown to be 50%-70% to that of walking, without the patient having to move or exert energy and without uncomfortable muscle movements.
As the policy-making body of ANA, we voted to exert energy legislatively toward APRNs to sign orders for home health services and supplies.
But it was a very different Kiffin, who was under orders from his doctor not to yell or exert energy.
Surely, Sheehan knows this and isn't about to exert energy reforming a broken Democratic Party.