exert influence

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Bakondi further said that in his opinion illegal migration is rather being used as a tool in order to exert influence on the national composition of EU Member States via the large influx of people.
On the efforts exerted through the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council to exert influence on Iran, Tillerson stressed the importance of Iraq being able to stand on its own.
There should also be secret ballots when they vote, and strict rules (as there is with juries) about who can contact them, pay them, exert influence on them, and upon what they can say in public.
As his past and present lives coalesce, David's daughter resents him for the divorce; his mother, long-dead, advises him, a cigarette between her fingers, from his memories; recollections of family friends exert influence -- and David realizes the catharsis of sending his father to a nursing home.
The new rules allow the Minister of Justice to exert influence on individual ordinary judges though, in particular, the vague criteria for the prolongation of their mandates thereby undermining the principle of irremovability of judges.
The spokesman said during initial investigation it emerged that accused Rehan Ali and Syed Rizwan Ali were using fake number plate and used to exert influence by pretending to be relatives of security officers.
Attempts to exert influence on countries' decisions to nominate one or another candidate are "unacceptable", TASS quotes the ministry's spokersperson Maria Zakharova as saying.
The only way they can exert influence or bring about a change is to form a broader influence through press releases and various statements in order to reach the people," Demiri said.
Instead, international aid continues to be used as a legitimate tool to exert influence over much of the developing world.
We now have an opportunity to demonstrate determination and to exert influence to bring about change, collaboratively.
Started slowly, began to exert influence as game went on, some fine touches
It demonstrates the commitment of the ISSG to exert influence on the warring parties to bring about an immediate reduction in violence as a first step towards a more durable ceasefire," the statement added.