exert pressure

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BAGHDAD / Nina /-- MP Nahida Daini accused certain political parties to exert pressure on displaced people and forced them to adhere to those parties in exchange for their return to their areas liberated from the control of Daash.
The kidnap campaigns are getting wider and including two-year-olds, to exert pressure on Palestinian families.
He noted that the Russians will ask the Americans to exert pressure on the opposition to agree on participating in the Geneva 2 Conference with no preconditions according to the Geneva CommuniquEa, adding that if the Americans failed to exert pressure on the opposition, the international conference will be postponed.
She wonders whether BDI is powerful enough to exert pressure and reinstate the Euro-Atlantic integration to the top of the government agenda.
Manmohan Singh should exert pressure on the French Government and urge them to lift the ban.
Countries outside the Middle East, including Britain and the USA must exert pressure but only the two combatants can agree an end to the fighting.
In turn, Deputy Prime Minister for the Economy and Investment Djoomart Otorbaev in an interview said that "no more individuals or interest groups will exert pressure on entrepreneurs.
They called on Arab, International Communities and the Red Cross to exert pressure on the Asad regime in a bid to let in teams of physicians into heavily destroyed areas in the Syrian interior particularly in Homs, Baba Amro, Edleb, Hama and Deraa.
He said that the international community represented by the United Nations Security Council and the US must exert pressure on Israel to force it to makeprogresson peace.
There are still severe tests to face through the winter, when injuries and suspensions may bite and others exert pressure.
We will continue to exert pressure until we fulfill our objective," he said.
Meeting a number of German officials in the German capital, Berlin, the Grand Mufti called for the necessity to restore the occupied Arab territories to their legitimate owners and exert pressure on Israel to remove the racial separation wall and abide by resolutions of the United Nations.