exert pressure

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European institutions have tools at their disposal to exert pressure on Turkey so that it puts an end to its illegal actions within Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone, Cypriot MEP Neoclis Sylikiotis has told CNA.
Ittehad group of MoC Employees Cooperative Housing Society has appealed Chairman NAB, Justice (r ) Javed Iqbal to take stern action in accordance with law against NAB officers including DG Rawalpindi, Nasir Iqbal Mirza, DG HR Shakeel Anjum, Assistant Director Qasim Khan and other officers who misused their powers and mad a bid to exert pressure on registrar and society administration, it made appeal through an application submitted in the open court.
TEHRAN (FNA)- North Korea's Minister of External Economic Relations and head of delegation at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Kim Yong-jae, said Pyongyang will introduce strong countermeasures against Washington's attempts to exert pressure.
He demanded the United Nations Organization (UNO) to exert pressure on India to resolve the core issue of Kashmir according to the resolutions.
President Mamnoon Hussain called upon the international community and United Nations to exert pressure on India to implement UN resolutions for holding plebiscite in Kashmir and immediate cessation of human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir being perpetrated upon innocent Kashmiris including children and women.
He said once the spat with Riyadh has been settled, "the international community will exert pressure on the rival Lebanese factions to facilitate the election of a president.
Kuwait: Despite their country's reputation as a socially free society, several Kuwaiti families are continuing to exert pressure on women to avoid mixing with men in professional areas.
BAGHDAD / Nina /-- MP Nahida Daini accused certain political parties to exert pressure on displaced people and forced them to adhere to those parties in exchange for their return to their areas liberated from the control of Daash.
The kidnap campaigns are getting wider and including two-year-olds, to exert pressure on Palestinian families.
criminals and statesmen try to exert pressure on them, their relatives and friends.
She wonders whether BDI is powerful enough to exert pressure and reinstate the Euro-Atlantic integration to the top of the government agenda.
Manmohan Singh should exert pressure on the French Government and urge them to lift the ban.