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It further accused the NAB officer for summoning office-bearers of Ittehad group to NAB office by using tactics and exerted pressure on them to quit the electioneering.
Interestingly, there is a trade-off between the number of children and their parents' effort: the number of siblings influences the effort exerted by that child's parents towards that child's education.
Safadi also briefed Sheikh Abdullah on efforts exerted by Jordan to restore calm and ensure no new facts are imposed on the ground about the Al Aqsa Mosque.
We have exerted different efforts through the embassy and political departments.
In addition, violence and dispute will extend to threat the regional and international security and stability and could reach a stage makes difficult to curb them whatever exerted efforts and funds are," he added.
Visiting Homs city, Patriarch Yazigi pointed out that his visit is aimed at inspecting the situation of the city and encouraging its people to come back, in addition to blessing the efforts exerted for reconciliation.
On his part, Jordan praised the huge efforts being exerted by the UAE and the RCA to alleviate the suffering of victims in disaster zones.
They discussed obstacles that hinder the growth of the Palestinian economy; the Israeli measures that prevent the establishment of a strong national Palestinian economy, as well as they discussed efforts exerted by the Palestinian authority to build the institutions of an independent Palestinian state.
The officers who had been exerted also recalled less about the initial briefing information and what they did report was less accurate.
Upward pressure is exerted by declining work rates for men, stagnant wages for low-wage workers, increasing rates of children raised in female-headed households, and growing gaps in educational attainment.
After the public statement was made by the supervisory board of the Public Service Broadcasting Corporation OTRK concerning exerted pressure, members of the Parliament stopped phoning OTRK management, OTRK Director General Kubat Otorbaev said in an interview with AKIpress on June 21.
Mitri said various political parties rather than the government exerted pressures on the press.