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S was exerting pressure on Pakistan to launch joint operation in those areas, which are pointed out by India for surgical strike against terrorists.
Research has shown that exerting self-control makes people more likely to behave aggressively toward others and people on diets are known to be irritable and quick to anger.
When the wrist is canted down the muscles on top of the arm are fully extended, capable of exerting their full strength.
It can be defined as the effort level at which the social marginal cost of exerting effort equals the social marginal benefit of exerting effort.
In addition, those more accurate in their confidence level reported exerting higher effort in understanding the practice test materials and using more time and study environment management strategies.
Advantages of these clamps are high exerting force and wide adjustabil-ity to adapt to different part thicknesses.
As he and his colleagues see it, quintessence--dark energy--settled down to a fixed value and began exerting a negative pressure throughout the cosmos.
Hawk might soar skyward forever if not for gravity exerting a downward force on his body and board.
Power in nineteenth-century Germany was, as Evans defines it, "not a one-way process of the state and its organs of policing and control exerting themselves on society.
Indeed, developments in Asia also appeared to have had positive, albeit indirect, effects on domestic demand and prices in the near term by exerting some downward pressure on U.
Instead of the American economy exerting an upward pull on Mexican wages, the Mexican economy has exerted a downward pull on American wages.
Though still exerting influence in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and among the disaffected of all societies, Pipes writes that no great state is any longer endangered by the irrationalities such beliefs can let loose.