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Contract awarded for 1898n1-cup type net reinforced respirator with exhalation value double red elastic head bands - for dust/cold dust/mist is 9473:2002 with isi marked color :yellow .
Xhance (fluticasone propionate) nasal spray, 93 mcg, combines the novel optinose exhalation system with an aqueous suspension of microfine fluticasone propionate for topical intranasal administration by means of a metering, atomizing spray pump and exhaled breath.
Exhalation is important - you can stretch further each time you breathe out.
It's only as we grow older and tired that we begin to consider trading in some portion of our feral hope for something else that's easier to carry, and we softly sigh as wonder leaves our lungs like an exhalation and quietly commend ourselves for putting away childish things.
A complete cycle of breath includes an inhalation and exhalation through both nostrils.
don't know that particular exhalation, and I think of you
PEPtherapy enforces a resistance to exhalation at the mouth while the airway vibration technology transmits movements upstream during exhalation so that airway walls may become free from mucus.
With an exhalation, pull the feet inwards and push the waist upwards and try to touch the crown of the head to the floor.
Exhalation from an infected person can spread in long distance through the airflow pattern--the macro environment - depending on the type of ventilation system and it may increase the pathogen concentration in different indoor environment areas, see Qian et al.
These parameters are linked to calendar age (CA), height (H), body weight (W), as well as the possibilities of the respiratory system--the exhalation apnea ([A.
For example, one study found the exhalation flow from a person is able to penetrate the natural convection boundary layer and the breathing zone of another person standing nearby.
To study radon concentration exhalation rate and its dependence on grain size soil samples were collected from different locations in Kedah Malaysia.