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The beats of her heart grew fainter and fainter, and vaguer, like a fountain giving out, like an echo dying away;--and when she exhaled her last breath, she thought she saw in the half-opened heavens a gigantic parrot hovering above her head.
The violets exhaled their sweet breath, whilst I pressed against the windowpanes covered with fantastic frost-work the copper coin I had heated on the stove, and so made peep-holes.
Tenders are invited for Services for checking the instruments for measuring the alcohol concentration in the exhaled air Alkotest-203, Alkont-01, Lion Alcometer SD-400, instruments for measuring indirect blood pressure mechanical and electronic, a ruler of verification CMM (0-350 mm), hydrometer ANT-1, columns of TRC, oil meters, manometers (technical); repair of instruments for measuring alcohol concentration in the exhaled air "Alcotest-203", "Alkont-01"; testing and replacement of power supply units to devices for measuring alcohol concentration in the exhaled air "Alcotest-203"
Spirosure's patent-protected Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) breath analyzer combines advanced materials with proprietary algorithms to provide high sensitivity in its ability to detect very small particle concentrations (parts per billion or ppb measurement).
In recent years, non-invasive measurement and monitoring of the fraction of exhaled nitric oxide in exhaled breath has become established as the biomarker of asthma.
In the clinical chemistry lab, exhaled breath as a specimen for the detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has been examined in multiple studies and has shown some utility in monitoring everything from liver function to inflammatory diseases, although this has been challenged by technical difficulties in normalization and standardization.
The volume of air inhaled and exhaled is displayed on a monitor.
According to Tekcapital, the technology addresses the need for a safe, fast, accurate and non-invasive method for health professionals to analyse samples of glucose in exhaled breath and adds to Tekcapital's portfolio of patents for the non-invasive measurement of glucose which also includes a technology to test for glucose in saliva.
Both products triggered sharp reductions in exhaled nitric oxide among 25 volunteers.
Scientists have developed a new technique that can help detect early stages of lung cancer, by analysing a person's exhaled breath.
Washington, Oct 29 ( ANI ): Lung cancer may be detected in patients by testing their exhaled breath, researchers have claimed.