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Make sure the time spent inhaling is the same amount of time as you spend exhaling.
The next time Coach makes you do mountain-climbers, try to slow down your breathing instead of huffing and puffing (inhaling and exhaling for four counts is a good rule of thumb).
You create aggravated grunts (growls) by inhaling with force; snorts, sniffs, and sniff-wheezes by exhaling.
Forcefully exhaling creates the loud "Estrus Ma-Mah", which begs bucks within earshot to come running.
Inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth is for a "regular" person, while inhaling and exhaling only through the nose has great benefits for those with asthma.
After the fifth breath, bend the knees as you inhale and step, walk or jump back to your hands, exhaling once more in a forward fold.
The 5-ton copycat vocalizes just as a person does: by exhaling air over his vocal chords.