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that clean air was an exhaustible natural resource:
Hotelling, "The Economics of Exhaustible Resources" Journal of Political Economy, 39(2), 1931, pp.
tuna ban violated WTO rules and did not fall under any of the environmental exceptions in GATT Article XX (Article XX), which permits certain discriminatory trade regulations if they are necessary for the conservation of health, life, or exhaustible natural resources.
In contrast to humanitarian aid, grants and other exhaustible resources, the local ownership model can help people establish their own sources of income.
So, how should countries go about making the right decisions in terms of investing large revenue windfall from exhaustible resources to enhance the wealth of the current and future generations?
Potanin: in this case would have grown Norilsk Nickel exhaustible conflict and RUSAL the proceeds from the sale could slightly reduce its debt burden, which the company is high.
In his book, mare warns that the world must confront a new global paradigm of rapidly diminishing and ultimately exhaustible resources.
Regardless of how the earth's climate evolves in the coming decades, its resources are exhaustible and its productive land is finite.
Whoever on earth thinks that a poem is an exhaustible thing, a finally-analysable, a finally-drainable pool of idea and feeling, is nuts.
China has said its export curbs are needed to control environmental problems caused by rare earths mining and refining, and to preserve supplies of an exhaustible natural resource.
Sara added: "We are used to transporting exhaustible fuels like oil and gas thousands of kilometres and then burning them close to our cities with all the associated pollution problems and other risks to humans and our environment.