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Although there have been several studies that examined the metabolic response to exercise, there is a lack of information on the gender-related differences in the metabolic response to exhaustive exercise.
Patnaik, has given an exhaustive report on the various charges against Verma.
It was determined that CHAID algorithm constructed more suitable tree structures, biologically in comparison to Exhaustive CHAID and CART data mining algorithms.
Therefore the aim of this study was to examine the effect of precooling (cold water immersion) on exhaustion time, oral temperature and plasma volume in young soccer players during an incremental exhaustive test in warm conditions.
However, it is to be explored how apoptosis could be affected and regulated by acute exhaustive swimming exercise in animal model settings, in which condition oxidative stress level was possibly alleviated.
The comparative characteristics for code sequences, constructed using various algorithms (exhaustive search, "noisy" search) are given at Table 1.
"The list was designed to be as exhaustive as possible, given the sheer bulk of the information we were dealing with.
Table-3: The comparison of biochemical parameters before and after exhaustive exercise in both groups.
With a double page devoted to every single season, the club has been in existence, as well as informative pages on the club's history, career records for every player, past managers, transfers and forewords by Martin O'Neill and Ellis Short, it is an exhaustive account of all things Sunderland.
ISLAMABAD, October 19, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Inquiry Commission on Abbottabad Operation on Tuesday conducted exhaustive interviews of DG Joint Staff Headquarters, Chaklala, Rwp, ACAS (Ops), Air Headquarters, IBD, Ammunition Expert, Military Operations Directorate, GHQ, RWP A meeting of the Inquiry Commission on Abbottabad Operation was held in the Cabinet Division on Tuesday under the Chairmanship of Mr.
Gover, Disabilities: Insights From Across Fields and Around the World is an impressively comprehensive three-volume compendium of information about human physical and mental disabilities, grounded in exhaustive academic, field, and cutting-edge research.
Exhaustive physical exercise causes a decrease in oxidative stress and an increase in salivary total antioxidant activity of elite triathlete