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The final section of theexhibition, "Posterity and Affinities," aims at exhaustiveness as opposed to the rewarding exhaustion brought on by the preliminary exercise in close looking.
271) discuss the importance of exhaustiveness when assessing a phenomenon with formative indicators: "[F]ailure to consider all facets of the construct will lead to an exclusion of relevant indicators and thus exclude part of the construct itself.
Even without ambition of completeness and exhaustiveness, the chance of finding some outstanding features unambiguously typical of the electromagnetic, weak and strong interactions has the heuristic value of confirming the fundamental character of eqs (1,1): seems indeed significant that the weird peculiarities of the quantum world are directly related not only to the physical properties of the elementary particles but also to that of their fundamental interactions, which are described in a unique conceptual frame including also the gravity and the Maxwell equations [7].
2007), "Improving Exhaustiveness of GDP in India", The Journal of Income and Wealth, 29 (2), July-December:7-79
By emphasizing the presence of these textual formulas outside the context of China, I see them as indirect pointers to the exhaustiveness of the China-related passages and I also take them as signaling a certain teleological effect: I, friar Odoric, refrain from telling everything I could about my travels to China because my actual purpose is telling you about China itself or about the Great Khan (see Dathorne 88; Rachewiltz 180).
The initial selection of companies was carried out combining criteria of exhaustiveness and random sampling.
25) Plucknett wrote in a review of Morris's book: "Not until we have a series of state histories by authors solidly grounded in English legal history and in their own state archives, and treating the history of every state with minute accuracy and exhaustiveness, can any attempt be fruitfully made to write American legal history as a whole.
follows from exhaustiveness of the subdivision and continuity of the function f(x) (Horst et al.
Not only is the status of FANBOYS as a coherent set challenged by lack of homogeneity, it fails too in terms of exhaustiveness.
Moreover, the measure of time does not nearly capture the book's exhaustiveness or the density of its intelligence.
THERE is some good stuff in the Strategic Marketing Group report published last week, which is as it should be given the exhaustiveness of the consultative process that preceded it.
Relevance is determined mainly according to its degree of exhaustiveness, finesse and clarity (or lack of buzz).