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Here is Love's high beginning,--Its great birth, And source of issue; from which it pervades The vast circumference, from its centre, forth Through Heaven's empyrean space, and filling all Immensity with its exhaustless flow: Yea, permeating with its light, and life, Th' angelic hosts as cause of all their joy
Of tales of the old slavery days he seemed indeed to possess an exhaustless store--some weirdly grotesque, some broadly humorous; some bearing the stamp of truth, faint, perhaps, but still discernible; others palpable inventions, whether his own or not we never knew, though his fancy doubtless embellished them.
We could never have reached this pinnacle of success without the exhaustless drive of Mayhew's team to collaborate and create.
29) Smith wrote that when Sealth spoke, "deep-toned, sonorous and eloquent sentences rolled from his lips like the ceaseless thunders of cataracts flowing from exhaustless fountains.
His resources are almost exhaustless, and his presence of mind equal to that of one who has been in a hundred battles
The Balkans left the impression of an exhaustless source of tension, of "war of everyone against everyone".
In passing through our ancient Commonwealth," Johnston told the president, "traversing our vallies and our mountains,--in hastily glancing at the exhaustless resources of industry and wealth, in the agricultural, manufacturing and mineral departments of the country; in traveling through our towns and villages, and witnessing the occupations of our people, you cannot fail to observe the sources of our prosperity, and the means calculated to encourage them.
Eliot in their sense that spring was the cruellest season but looked back to Keats in their wish to find some paradoxical 'hope' in autumn, when 'leaden skies weep their exhaustless grief '.
To be fair, there are critics who would differ, and for evidence point to Duke Melveric's celebration of his dead wife's body as the only avenue through which he knew and loved her: "'she was a woman,/Whose spirit I knew only through those limbs,/Those tender members thou dost dare despise;/By whose exhaustless beauty, infinite love,/Trackless expression only, did I learn/That there was aught yet viewless and eternal; Since they could come from such alone'" (III.
In closing his interview, he aimed what may have been considered a challenge to our state's road builders: "I have shipped 75,000 tons of red gum lumber from Mississippi to pave the streets of London, and you are putting down brick pavements with this exhaustless supply of timber at your doors.
northern] Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina (French Broad [River] with its exhaustless water power) and even the upper portion of Alabama?
23) Having failed to harness the rivers for irrigation, progressives dreamed of "the existence of imprisoned waters percolating through the pores and fissures of the rocks in exhaustless volumes" so that "exploration of deeper water levels .