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This need for exhibitionism pulls us towards social media where we post heavily edited pictures and post status updates that will make us seem intelligent to our peers," the psychologist says.
Similarly, Thai male participants obtained lower scores in exhibitionism than their female counterparts.
| Specialist Models and Displays in Cardiff created mouth sculptures of The Rolling Stones' famous logo for The Exhibitionism event at the Saatchi Gallery, London
Admission ticket to 'EXHIBITIONISM - The Rolling Stones' at the Saatchi Gallery on Sunday morning ?
I think it's time MPs were banned from such exhibitionism. They're paid by you and me to attend Parliament and deal with constituents, not go diving with Tom Daley and perform like seals on a Saturday night in front of a squealing crowd.
Somehow, I found it objectionable to indulge in such activities in this holy place, dedicated to spiritual meditation not erotic exhibitionism. I was on the verge of telling them to respect the place, or even going out to speak to the vicar about it.
Researchers at Western Illinois University measured two socially disruptive aspects of narcissistic personalities--grandiose exhibitionism and entitlement/exploitativeness.
The judge also said the defendant committed the crime out of "extremely selfish and arrogant reasons" and "merely to gratify his desire to dominate and his exhibitionism."
The experience led him to become fascinated with voyeurism and exhibitionism.
Artfully constructed and thought-provoking, but less pretentious than it might sound, pic probes how drama can serve as a vehicle for both therapy and exhibitionism. Result is moving and has a proper narrative arc, but with its no-name cast, it will have to rely on Wearing's rep and strong critical backing to make something of itself beyond ultra-niche distribution, even in its domestic market.
Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla's playful sari blouses had sheers, nets and demi cups that exposed nothing and yet satiated any desires for exhibitionism.