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Even if refraining from offering a hermeneutic sexual deciphering, all these deferrals imply in XXY not a lonely mirroring of persecutory "watchfulness" (164) on the part of the protagonist, but effective displacements that take place at the level of the relational and socially visible: from shameful violence into exhibitionistic, displaced shaming performance, and from visible shame into the space of a new, nonnormative self.
Such capers result in an exhibitionistic display of impersonations for Roth's disobediently impulsive and conflicted protagonists who attempt to assert themselves over their unstable landscapes.
Only perhaps in Apostol's Gun-Dealer's Daughter and the Mayi Theater's plays (collected in Savage Stage) do we encounter a less exhibitionistic and more ethically committed grappling with the moral and political issues of colonial war and its offshoot in civil war in the neocolony.
Certainly, the continuity that persists across the rupture, an example of which is perhaps Accattone's close-ups of the actors' faces (rather than the characters', as Rodhie would say), hence, an exhibitionistic, diegetically disruptive camera even within his most neorealist moment, is one of the things that Rhodes evokes when he claims that "realism and modernism in Pasolini's work [.
In the main, people who tend to be ego-close are more suggestible, more responsive to external stimuli, distractible, open, exhibitionistic, active socially, emotionally labile and impulsive, while people who tend to be ego-distant are more reflective, enjoy solitude, tend to be daydreamers, show initiative, are less open in their emotional responses, and may be withdrawn and shy (Voth & Mayman, 1963).
A mode of MOC flamboyance, dapper styling is a loud, even exhibitionistic statement of gender and sexuality that attracts attention while it deflects it and announces gender-queerness while it protects female skin from scrutiny.
1,6) There are also masochistic, sadistic, exhibitionistic or narcissistic reasons.
Joyce describes the former as "a colossal edifice with crystal roof, built in the shape of a huge pork kidney" (90)--it is a phantasmagorical blend of the "stately pleasure-dome" of Coleridge's Xanadu and the Crystal Palace (built in London in 1851 to house the Great Exhibition) (91)--and one might suggest that Joyce's novel itself, exuberant, exhibitionistic, and encyclopedic as it is, is appropriately modeled by this symbolic architecture.
Confirmation of my concern comes from a study reported by Damien Pearse in the Guardian which finds "a direct relationship between Facebook friends and the most 'toxic' elements of narcissistic personality disorder," including "self-absorption, vanity, superiority, and exhibitionistic tendencies.
It is a humorous dance, a travesty on all exhibitionistic urges for self-expression, but swift and intricate--and Miss Hepburn proves that she is more than equal to all its exigencies.
The "act" that is the insistent impersonation of a self, the theater upon which they have played out their most excessive and exhibitionistic fantasies, has fallen on hard times.
GE includes "self-absorption, vanity, superiority, and exhibitionistic tendencies" and people who score high on this aspect of narcissism need to be continuously at the centre of attention.