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Using #FEELXE people can share what makes them feel exhilarated on social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
We at Nutralogix are exhilarated about our prospects for our international development for 2007.
Since the death of the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989, Iran's social and political revolution has followed a zigzag path toward modernization and political reform that has exhilarated its energetic people, but has further perplexed the outside world.
Warburton and amid Eric Fliss's cones of illumination, the Lake Worth group would thicken and then break up into triads or pairs, partners shifting--here, a limp body manipulated, there, an exhilarated spin.
Feeding off of the Warrens' infectious signature energy, the crowd accepted the invitation and, after thousands of people jumped the dividing wall, security had no choice but to open this restricted area to the exhilarated crowd.