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From a brief exploration the roots of pervasive anti-Semitism as stemming from Christianity's and Islam's need to de-legitimize Judaism's older claim of a single, all-powerful God (among other factors), to a discussion of how Biblical passages are used to in modern-day America to exhort hatred of homosexuals and homosexuality, to religion's role in fueling the genocidal horrors of Nazism and much more, Rot on the Vine is disturbing, compelling, and highly recommended for religious studies shelves.
Moore used his Web site to exhort fans to vote and predicted that "Tuesday is the day
In all his talk about peace and justice he did not even bother to exhort the grads to go into the world and work for such.
We] instruct, educate, nurture, cultivate, rebuke, exhort, discipline, warn, delight, enlighten, edify, develop" (pp.
Kenneth Connor, president of the Family Research Council (FRC), called Powell's comments "reckless and irresponsible" and added, "President Bush should repudiate Secretary Powell's comments and publicly exhort him for his irresponsible remarks.
Phil Nanas of the Native Forest Council rose at the end to exhort people to support nothing less than a total ban on logging on public lands.
It is not enough, she argues, to exhort impoverished young women to delay childbearing in the hope of a better future, because poor young women know that regardless of when they have babies, the outlook for their futures is bleak.
He says God has compelled him to exhort people with his bullhorn and microphone to turn away from evil and seek God.
Incarnation is, after all, the impetus for the first great song of our Christian family: "come on children, let's sing/ about the goodness of the Lord," gospel shouters exhort us today, following the example of Mary long ago confronting an angel.