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Even more significantly and memorably, after she delivered it, Oprah's exhortation continued to move viewers and made them think-and vow to act.
May we become servants of the new evangelization to one another so that one day, God may finally and truly be all in all,' Valles concluded in his pastoral exhortation.
The Vatican official's booklet comes as the pope has received an unusual amount of criticism for the exhortation.
Also in July, Cardinal Christoph Schonborn, archbishop of Vienna and a theologian, discussed the exhortation with the Italian journal La Civilta Cattolica, asserting that diverse modern families have "made it necessary to look in a more nuanced way at the complexity of these situations," according to Catholic News Service.
Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, commenting on Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation on love in the family (The New York Times)
During his visit, Pope Benedict signed the post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation of the Special Assembly for the Middle East.
Summary: Pope Benedict XVI inspired a rare moment of political harmony in Lebanon as lawmakers called for the implementation of the Apostolic Exhortation for the Middle East.
It will make a difference from my annual exhortation for everyone to go to our local designers, crafts people and galleries to buy their Christmas gifts (but that exhortation still stands of course).
While aware of the reasons why many are discouraged by the slow progress of the ecumenical movement, Harmon bases his hope for its future on his conviction that many young Christian adults truly want the unity that Jesus wants for his church and will respond to the exhortation he addresses to them to become better informed about ecumenism and to take an active part in it.
The exhortation in Exodus is based on that which occurred at Rephidim.
I READ The Stirrer's exhortation to append our names to the Downing Street website to complain about the unreasonably harsh penalties meted out by car clampers ( Mail, June 5).
However, my reading of Mr Dawkins' exhortation, is that it is important to understand the Bible along with the whole of the history of western Christianity, in order to be able to understand much of European art, music and literature.