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This paper proposes to show that the two exhortations in Scripture (Exodus and Deuteronomy) concerning Amalek are based on two separate episodes.
Now you can read his weekly exhortations in The Collected Sermons of William Sloane Coffin, from Westminster John Knox Press.
Scroll down past earnest but over-familiar exhortations to 'let it be local, let it be sustainable, let it be appropriate, let it be collaborative' and there is interesting stuff on the virtues of prefab houses, giant animal models, a post-Katrina assessment, nice graffiti art and much more on a vaguely architectural theme.
This CD/DVD package, available on Malinverni's Web site, features his church's gospel choir, a host of wonderful soloists (including his singer wife, Jody Sandhaus) and some between-song exhortations from his minister.
Long parts of the book read like a series of extended essays or exhortations, and that isn't necessarily bad.
Your magazine is really appreciated for its faithfulness to Church teaching and the exhortations of the Holy Father.
Several provide exhortations to take action, and information on people and organizations to contact.
Filmmakers Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt introduce Shelby as a typical well-brought-up young lady who's more or less oblivious to the hypocritical mores of her hometown--where abstinence-only sex education in school and exhortations in church against premarital sex have failed to forestall rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases among the state's highest.
challenged listeners with its length, exotic rhythms and lyrics, and album sleeve exhortations to cast "off outmoded and restricting standards of thinking, dress and social etiquette.
These exhortations of justice are not predicated on people, place, or anything but just resolutions.
These are meaningless exhortations to the inexperienced or struggling young pitcher.
A serious and intense work of prolonged thought and feeling, written to speak against common exhortations that obfuscate the process of understanding with the intensely human yet ultimately misleading need to believe what we want to believe.