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Ultimately, it concludes that the CAAF's interpretation and application of the mandate as the enforceable rule that it is today is inconsistent with its intended exhortative purpose, and has not proven to be any more effective in preventing potential member issues on appeal.
In (68) -OJ is suffixed to the intransitive verb in the exhortative mood; in (69) it marks the referent of the term phrase as nonspecific.
Unfortunately, this obligation is largely exhortative, since it is not accompanied by any specific targets, detailed program guidance, or enforceable minimum contribution levels, and no checklists for IHR-related official development assistance comparable to those for national public health capacities were included in the final version of the agreement.
In order to give effect to this exhortative statement of intent, the two parties committed to applying "the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations" in their relations.
Our investigation makes a contribution because, notwithstanding the extensive conceptual and exhortative practitioner literatures, there is only limited empirical research and, in particular, large dataset based studies have not been much in evidence.
Finally Paroles sums up the scene with an admonitory maxim, a vow to persevere, and a pair of exhortative rimed proverbs: "Who knows himself a braggart, / Let him fear this, for it will come to pass / That every braggart shall be found an ass.
In the early days of international public health interventions, before anthropologists were involved, public health messages tended to be simplistic and exhortative.
The Jesuit letters have an exhortative quality, but they also reveal much about the authors' state of mind and how these pioneers were prone to introspective analysis.
Taking this fact into account, that is, the speaker imposes and exerts his/her influence over the hearer in order to obtain his/her intentions, the speech act of requesting has been considered as an impositive exhortative act (Haverkate 1984), and one of the most face-threatening speech acts according to Brown and Levinson's (1987) politeness theory.
Here, the voice is not imperative, and it does not try to address the viewer directly; rather, it is exhortative, and it implicitly addresses, in plain Italian, the Italian team.
Because of Emile Zola's heroic moral stand during the Dreyfus Affair at the turn of the twentieth century, a certain kind of European intellectual thought that all political issues demanded an exhortative response, and for the next eight decades proclamations rained down on politicians and the general public alike.
Not only the title of a landmark David Bowie song and album, but the exhortative premise for a fascinating look at the history of modern dance, with this week's installment looking at jive.