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This understanding is shown in his encouraging and exhortatory address to the disciples when he points out "we must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God" (Acts 14:22).
In addition, there is a Charter of Resident Rights and Responsibilities, which includes basic rights of residents, but has no enforcement or compliance mechanisms and is therefore exhortatory.
They also detested Paul's "unsavoury" proclivities, which included a fondness for grandiose festivities, tiresomely exhortatory parrots and crushingly ornate tiaras, to say nothing of his vainglorious obsession with his physical beauty and the application of rouge when appearing in public.
creat[ing] a veneer of objectivity and dislocation designed to impart exhortatory information without problematizing the author's position.
Employing frequent fades to black, the film incorporates into its pristine images a number of texts and documents: exhortatory signs and banners (OBSERVE SAFETY, TREASURE LIFE), official records (staff canteen pass, regulations for a social center, identity card), and excerpts from poems, some Chinese, some by Yeats.
19, "Do this in my remembrance") is less polemic and more exhortatory in terms of participation in the sacrament and the experience of Christ's presence through such participation, with a strong didactic aspect instructing the congregation on how to prepare and partake in an effective way.
A more principled and less exhortatory approach is desirable.
This tiny creature was scolded, coaxed, and trained toward happiness in a series of private exhortatory sessions with Arden.
In its subtle deployment of compassionate irony, Butterfly Burning is an exhortatory text; one that, like Fanon, enjoins us to "do battle for the creation of a human world--that is, a world of reciprocal recognitions" (FANON, 1970, p.
Whereas Marchen and myth are largely public and exhortatory, legends are private and interpersonal: they imply an underlying truth proposition, and they become opportunities for its negotiation.
Mirrors" (specula), exhortatory and exemplary guides, multiplied in every vernacular language, turning not just on devotions or virtues but on social types, that is, what was expected of the prince, the merchant, the recluse, and so on, offering, as the survey of these tractates in Dutch puts it, ideal images and the stuff for self-reflection.
The wording of Article 123 of the UNCLOS is exhortatory rather than