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(52) However, the exhortatory tone of the Code is, of course, underpinned by the imposition in the Act of criminal sanctions for failure to report.
The final section, "In Perspective," is more exhortatory, less methodologically driven, than its predecessors.
Following Penelope (1990), I am looking for presence or absence of agency,deixis, false deixis, and exhortatory phrases.
text as exhortatory, in which case jurisdiction is unlikely to be found.
Nonetheless, this rigorous book stands as the definitive critical examination of Edgar's remarkable intellectual achievement and exhortatory social intervention.
Instead, the Plan document is littered with exhortatory, populist, nationalist and patronising slogans, possibly in an effort to promote the illusion of cohesion and solidarity in an obscenely inegalitarian society.
A contemporary asserted that "his right and authority to preach no one who has sat under the spell of his ministry can doubt." (62) Rickett's romance seems to be an extension of his ministry, employing a fashionable and easily digested literary form for his exhortatory purposes.
49), 'agitprop'--which originated in the 1920s with the formation of Agitation and Propaganda Department in the Soviet Union--is a term that has come to be used in theatre for development to describe 'not only those plays that have a political content, but all plays used as development communication, that are message-oriented and exhortatory, rather than focusing on a process of community analysis and community decision-making.' The main reason given for the use of this approach was that it was important to drive home to the people the facts about the forest, as well as suggest to them alternative ways of survival.
The Schools competition convention of composing around an exhortatory 'theme' has become characteristic of the traditional MDD genre as a whole, and this has made the gente useful to many government and NGO initiatives.
however: "Some scholars understand it as an exhortatory rather than
The volume is part of a series ("Gender in History') which seeks, along with traditional scholarly intent, to revive 'the original inspirational project of women's history.' Some readers will find the confessional and exhortatory elements of History Matters uncomfortable, but so they should.