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Regarding the general directors and section chiefs, the minister has exhorted them to respect the hierarchy, and to the knowledge of the Civil Servants Act of the State and the Administrative Procedure; since with these basic legal instruments they will be able to better perform their functions.
Do not stab your fellow Iraqis in the heart" by selling land to the Jews, the signs exhorted.
That our lawyers are exhorted to roam around the courtroom like an agitated and distracting animal, as contrasted to the mandated decorum, in English courts--that the speaking lawyer remain at the podium?
We're exhorted to buy the one liquid we can't live without from private companies who dress up bottles with pretty nature scenes that contradict the true environmental impact of their enterprises.
send me a white cane," Henri Matisse exhorted his assistants when he completed the compositions for his illustrated book Jazz.
Wyden also exhorted attendees to participate in solutions that were both creative and "homegrown.
We are certainly exhorted to maintain the North American tradition of spending as much as possible, but for people affected by the economic bad news, that may not sound very encouraging.
The priest exhorted the children to avoid the temptations borne of global commercialization.
Swiss designers also labour under the dichotomy of being exhorted to 'cross borders', to break out of their small alpine landscape, and simultaneously be aware of identity (not necessarily national).
I therefore found it more than a little ironic that in a journal published by our American College of Physician Executives on at least three occasions in different articles such career changing physicians would be exhorted to obtain a professional degree--"an MBA or an MHA.
On the one hand, we are constantly exhorted to see the march to the grave as a marvelous adventure and opportunity for "growth.
As he brought out of the closet 200 years of brutalizing blacks and exhorted the nation to right the wrongs, he tackled an issue so controversial and sought to change a feeling so deeply ingrained that it remains the nation's most divisive to this day.