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The introduction claims that Grotius's history was "aimed at endowing the State's government with respectability as a sovereign power in the eyes of the outside world, and, no less importantly, at exhorting the Dutch to preserve their political accomplishments by steadfastly holding on to their ancient traditions and virtues.
But when prosecutors presented an affidavit on Friday from a high-level Justice Department official exhorting the system's classified status, U.
On one side of the square is the 16th Street Baptist Church where King and other preachers held nightly mass meetings, exhorting citizens to act and planning strategies.
This means the enterprise and data center market, the server market, and the wireless sector of the telecom market are bound to witness enormous expansion thus exhorting the sales of 19-inch racks globally.
From serious-minded concerns and recommendations concerning North Korea's nuclear threat--Chasing the Sun was published shortly before North Korea declared itself a nuclear power, yet its warnings about how best to deal with North Korea remain entirely relevant--to exhorting that the sleeping giant of China cannot be managed, controlled, or "contained" but can and should be influenced, to observing the poor attitude today's younger East Asian generation has toward America as a nation perceived to arrogantly ignore the ideas, preferences, and plans of others, Chasing the Sun gives an accurate and no-nonsense look at what exactly the current political situation is, and what America should do about it.
Before Flockhart proved that public speaking is not her forte, ``The Practice'' actress Lisa Gay Hamilton spoke out loud and clear and got dead serious with the rapt audience, pointing out that ``one-third of all teen relationships have violence in them,'' and exhorting the crowd to do everything possible to stop the violence.
He closed by exhorting pro-life advocates everywhere to never vote for a pro-abortion politician.
Angry and depressed about AIDS, Kramer used the occasion to issue his now-famous jihad, exhorting the city's gay community to rise out of its apathy to fight a plague that had already snuffed out 5,500 New Yorkers.
The audio version of Strasser's book includes some of the lists provided in the written version as well as Strasser's "Final Thoughts" exhorting readers to change their behavior and culture to avoid further school violence.
The thrust of their investigation deflects us from the much explored subject matter, exhorting us to look again at line, color, rhythm, and space.