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ALL efforts to exhume the bodies of the two Badaun cousins by teams of CBI and forensic experts proved futile on Sunday as the Ganga rose by several metres.
However, Muhanna said that no special request has yet been made to exhume the body and once a request is made, it will be immediately approved.
This [exhumation] shows disrespect to our former and international leader," Nael Selmi, a Fatah cadre said, vowing that Fatah cadre will protest a possible decision to exhume Arafat's body for an autopsy.
Detectives investigating suspicious deaths at a care home which closed amid allegations of poisoning will tonight exhume a body.
The court's decision to exhume the body of the immensely popular actor-singer for genetic testing is a first in France, according to the newspaper Liberation.
Even now, an expedition is being proposed to Spitsbergen, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean about 400 miles north of Norway, to exhume the bodies of miners who died of the flu.
THE parents of a soldier found dead at the same army base where a Welsh recruit died in a shooting spoke yesterday of the decision to exhume his body.
Lynn has been granted legal aid to pay for an investigation which will seek permission to exhume the body.
And Mr McDowell admitted yesterday he had no knowledge of Mr Ahern's reported plans to exhume the remains of the Manchester Martyrs in order to bury them in Ireland.
But they failed to get a court order allowing them to exhume the grave.
He said: "I have requested the gardai exhume Rodney Ledward's body so that we can resolve this matter once and for all.
Canadian troops and US criminal investigators exhume 23 bodies from an Al Qaida grave site near the village of Al-e-Khel in the Tora Bora mountains to try to determine whether Osama Bin Laden or his senior lieutenants were among those killed during fighting in Dec.