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Tirawi stressed that all Arafat family members, as well as the political and religious circles have agreed to exhume the body.
They want to exhume the body of his brother Edwin Booth, who was one of America's greatest Shakespearean actors, and see if that is a familial match for the man in the barn.
The health authorities are asked to set up a medical board to exhume the body
In a radio interview on Sunday, Lagman gave four grounds for his motion to exhume: the burial was premature, precipitate and irregular; because it is a premature burial and the execution of the SC decision is void, therefore the body has to be exhumed; the remains have to be exhumed so as not to render the motion for reconsideration filed moot and academic; and the exhumation is necessary to rectify the patent disrespect of the Marcoses against the high court and its processes.
Investigating officer and Inspector of Islamabad Secretariat police station, Mubaral Mand had filed a request in Magistrate's court to exhume the body of deceased National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officer Kamran Faisal.
HEARTBROKEN relatives had to exhume the remains of a loved one after he was buried in the wrong grave.
AN operation was under way last night to exhume the body of a man who died in a Greek hospital 11 years ago.
THE fault of the Rev Nigel Carter in wrongly burying Danny Hastelow in the wrong plot was tragic and it is sad that when Mrs Roper spoke after the decision to exhume Mr Hastelow she did not mention by name the Hastelow family (Mail, April 7).
Officials later replaced it at the junction of Maxwellton Street and George Street in the town but now a campaign has been launched to exhume the remains and scatter them.
A spokeswoman said: 'We were granted a licence by the Home Office to exhume Mrs Hodson's son.
The parents of a soldier who died in a shooting at an Army base spoke yesterday of their anguish over the decision to exhume his body.
On Tuesday they will exhume a body from Highfield cemetery at Bradbury, Stockport.